Fit2Go Healthy Lifestyle Quiz…

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Some children from Year 4 recently attended the Healthy Lifestyle Fit2Go Quiz at Blackpool Football Club. The children worked extremely well as a team to answer questions based on the Fit2Go programme that they completed during the Autumn Term. They had to compete against three other schools to win a goodie bag each and a signed BFC football. The children played amazingly and as a result of this… WE WON!!
A huge well done to all those children and the rest of our Year 4’s for being fantastic and working hard throughout the Fit2Go programme.


We have been looking at co-ordinates this week in numeracy. So we have played battleships this morning to practise our co-ordinate reading skills. We found it hard at first trying to find our partners ships, but with some practise some of us were able to sink lots of ships! 

PE with Ryan


Again we have been looking at ‘invasion games’ and today we have been playing Netball. We first started with a warm-up where we were sending and receiving a ball with our partner. We had to think about how to find a space, how to throw to our partner so they can catch it and learn to keep our eyes on the ball while moving.

While playing Netball we had to put these skills into practise to try and get the most goals. It was hard trying not to move when we had the ball. Passing was hard when we were being marked well.

Invasion Games with Ryan

Today we began ‘Invasion games’.
We began with a warm up, playing ‘Islands and Ships’ – sharks were in the water and we had to think about different ways we could travel to avoid them! When Ryan shouted ‘abandon ship’ we had to move quickly to an island without getting caught.
We discussed different ways we could travel, including moving forwards, backwards and sideways. We also discussed how we could do this including running, walking and jogging. We had to think about our agility and how we lower our bodies when changing direction.

At the end of our session, we enjoyed a game of tag rugby where we applied the skills we had learnt.